Revelation 13 Insert for reader

Revelation 13 - a Supply and demand. Your secret's safe with me. 

Revelation 14 Depression, tongues, God's language.

Revelation 15 The anointing destroys the yoke.

Revelation 16 Adam and Woman, the first death in the Garden.

Revelation 17 Balance, spiritual maturity.

Revelation 18 We are not exempt.

Revelation 19 Wings, Brain study, prayer.

Revelation 20 God's voice, discretion, anointing, power.

Revelation 21 Favoritism, tongues and timing.

Revelation 22 Your adversary, demons, hate, spiritual warfare.

Revelation 24 Body, mind and spirit.

Revelation 25  Worry, fear.

Revelation 26 On tongues and baptism.

Revelation 27 New Birth Creed.

Revelation 28 Jesus' state of the Union address.

Revelation 29 Flex those spiritual muscles.

Revelation 30 Are we the perverse generation?

Revelation 31 Living digitally.

Revelation 32 Necromancy, talking to the dead.

Revelation 33 A supernatural remedy for bullying.

Revelation 34 Spiritual sickness.

Revelation 35 On cursing.

Revelation 36 The inconsistencies in Dedication/Dismantling the Kingdom of Darkness.

Revelation 37 On judging.

Revelation 38 Principalities, The speed of Angels, Psychics, Mediums and Spirit guides.

Revelation 39 Is the Lord your refuge?

Revelation 40 The Word is healthier for you!

Revelation 41 How to remain happy. 

Revelation 42 Math? Algebra? Trigonometry?

Revelation 43 Saying "I'm Sorry."

Revelation 44 Compassion.

Revelation 45 Penitence or Penitentiary?

Revelation 46  Beautiful scenery but no spirit-filled churches.

Revelation 47 Fly-by relationships with God.

Revelation 48 Are you spiritually dehydrated?

Revelation 49 Psalm 1 of King David

Revelation 50 Worry and fear.

Revelation 51 Hindering Spirits

Revelation 52 Spiritual Ignorance.

Revelation 54 The Untouchables.