This is the Video page where I will be posting ministry videos from throughout the years. If you have a slow connection, please give them a minute to load? Thank you and God bless! Rev. Essie.

Unexpected Blessings by Rev Essie

"Thou shalt not covet" @ Bethel AME, Hill District, Pgh. Pa.

"Open my heart" @ Alma Gilliam's church. 

"Daniel and the 4 Kings" @ Liberty Towers, California, Pa. 

The Aaronic Blessing for you. 

Don't give God Golden Hemorrhoids.

Anointing Oil ingredients.

The Anointing of God. 

The anointing of the 5-fold ministry.

"Build your wall" Rev Essie @ Mt. Olive Baptist, Canonsburg, Pa. 

Paranoid prophets.

Who ARE you?

Christmas Truths

Use your God Power.

Prayer for 22 Oct 2018 - Halloween time of the year. 

Holy Spirit pt1

Holy Spirit pt 2

Holy Spirit pt 3

Holy Spirit pt 4

Holy Spirit pt 5

Holy Spirit pt 6

Holy Spirit pt 7

Holy Spirit pt 8

Holy Spirit pt 9 

Holy Spirit pt 10 of 10

Demons hate praise!

Ephesians 6


Necromancy pt 1 of 5

Necromancy pt 2 of 5

Necromancy pt 3 of 5

Necromancy 4 of 5

Necromancy 5 of 5


Prayer pt 1 of 10

Prayer pt 2 of 10

Prayer 3 of 10

Prayer 4 of 10

Prayer 5 of 10

Prayer 6 of 10

Prayer 7 of 10

Prayer 8 of 10

Prayer 9 of 10

Prayer 10 of 10

The Devil was in the church! 

Turkey buzzards and Christians

It's Turkey time. Advice to thieving shepherds.

Love 1 of 6

Love 2 of 6.

Love 3 of 6.

Love 4 of 6.

Love 5 of 6.

Love 6 of 6.

Liberty by Rev Essie 2009

Names of God. 

What's your odor Esther?

Tiny Tidbits. Jesus' house.

Rev Essie in Mt. Olive's choir, Canonsburg, Pa. 2006

Tiny Tidbits. Car parts in the bible. 

Tiny Tidbits. Fish.

Tiny Tidbits. Tough Demons.

23rd Psalm pt 1 of 2

23rd Psalm pt 2 of 2

Tiny Tidbits. Depression.

Tiny Tidbits. Stay home sometime.

Suicide is not the answer. 

The bible on Homosexuality.

Got a cold?

Undeniable faith.

Reformation restoration.

Overcoming by Rev Essie

Tiny Tidbits, Protection.

Tiny tidbits. Writing.

Stand by me.

I told you. 

Rev Essie

Psalm 3 When your enemies pursue. 

You are beautiful. 

You are beautiful pt 4

Mission all things are possible

The Untouchables

Are you Spiritually dehydrated?

Bridgeville Ensemble

Resurrection sunday 2018

Canonsburg, Pa, my hometown.

Who's your daddy?

Oikodome' Build the house.

Resh and Schin (original version)


Give thanks to the Holy One.

A centurion kind of faith.

By your stripes I am healed, by Rev Essie and Helen Shepherd of the UK.

Count it all Joy! The value of trials. 

God is your "Master"-card Rep.

Heart transplant and cellular cleansing.

Inwardly sad-u-see.


Put your masks on and be Joyous!

Unbelieving Pastors.

Suspicious people.

Overshadowing Providence

Dan "Boomer" Giralmo's message to me just before his passing.

Pray for suffering families.

Thanksgiving 2010

A Scott Christmas (my family video)

Hebrews 11. You must have Faith. 

You're never too old. 

Thanksgiving Scriptures

Sheep don't run with wolves.

The religious spirit.

What's your odor? Pt 1 of 5

What's your odor? Pt 2 of 5

What's your odor? Pt 3 of 5

What's your odor? Pt 4 of 5

What's your odor? Pt 5 of 5

You are fearfully & wonderfully made by Alexi R. Scott

There's a dent in my Crown. 11/4/18

Mothers Day 2018

Rev Essie and Alexi (Matthew 11)

Showboat Show for the Meal on Wheels program, Charleroi, Pa. 

Exceed over the sanctimonious

Penitence or penitentiary?