Just breathe! Psalm 119

Are you in compliance?

Bride or fornicator?

God's phone number.

Casting your pearls before swine.

Daniel in the Lion's den 2 of 4

God won't bless your mess

Cease ye from man. 

God's Divine Grace


It's their testimony, be ye not ashamed. 

There goes the neighborhood

New Birth Church praise practice!

Be ye holy.

The blame game.

Daniel in the Lion's den 3 of 4


Follow Jesus, not denominations.

God's got your back.

Is fear stopping your progress?


Holy Boldness

Acts 3 Healing

Prayer line Aug 13, 2018

Bridge over troubled waters. Rev Essie at St. John's Baptist

Commercialized Christmas

Daniel in the Lion's den  1 of 4

Daniel in the Lion's den 4 of 4

Star spangled banner by Rev Essie

Fear not.

Me on the news with iBeam 

How to be saved.


Just a closer walk with thee.

Naaman, dip already! 

Ten Lepers

The Least.

Divine Providence 1 of 4

Divine Providence 4 of 4

Psalm 1 of King David

Spiritual Ignorance

Over the rainbow

Receiving Salvation 3 of 4

Happy Father's Day Abba

Pray for America


Art thou prejudiced Sir Jonah?


Divine Providence 2 of 4

God's got a blessing for someone.

Oppositional Defiance

Receiving Salvation 1 of 4

Receiving Salvation 4 of 4


What's in your house?

Use your resources


My Marine Corps flag flying. 11/18

James 1

Divine Providence 3 of 4

My interview with the creators of "Warrior Pride" the movie.

How violent are you?

Got Jesus?

Jesus and the demoniac

Receiving Salvation 2 of 4

You may be next.

Compassion leads to healing

Impartation of blessings 2 u.